Some gadgets, you know you need, some you know you don’t really need but still buy anyway, but what about those genius gadgets that will save you time, help you find your lost items, keep your tea warm or get your up in the morning? Those are the luxury everyday gadgets we’re after!

Apple AirTag, from £29

Tomorrow (30th April) sees the launch of Apple AirTag the latest iPhone accessory, a welcomed addition for anyone who is constantly losing their keys, bag or wallet. Water and dust resistant, the tags are easy to connect to your phone, they work in the same way as the AirPods, just bring them close to your iPhone and it’ll connect. Once connected, it can be assigned to an item either by placing it in a pocket or by using one of the AirTag accessories such as the leather loop. The handy lightweight tags (which can be personalised) tap into the vast Find My network via Bluetooth and will direct you to your lost item by making a sound from the inbuilt speaker when you’re in Bluetooth range. If you’re out of Bluetooth range then the Find My network can help to track it down, by relaying the location back to the owner. Or users can place AirTags in Lost Mode and will be notified when it is in range or found by the Find My network. All location data is kept private and secure, none is kept physically in the AirTag and only the owner of the device has access to the location data – because the last thing you want after losing something is for someone else to be able to track it down. For those looking for a little more luxury, Apple has already announced a partnership with Hermès. The AirTag Hermès collection will feature handcrafted leather accessories including the Bag Charm, Key Ring, Travel Tag and Luggage Tag.

Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock, £345.00

Let’s face it, no one likes waking up to the sound of a shrill alarm clock every morning. But with their Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock, Joy Resolve may have just found the ideal solution to the rude awakenings most of us experience at the crack of dawn. Waking up to a fresh coffee in the morning is undoubtedly one of life’s most simple, yet enjoyable pleasures. And with this fantastic product, there won’t be a moment’s delay in ensuring you get that sweet hit of caffeine to start the day off right. Set your alarm at night, and wake up to the smell of your Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock serving you a steaming cup of fresh, hot coffee in bed every morning. This gadget comes with all glassware included, keeps milk fresh around the clock with a built-in fridge, allows you to store a week’s worth of coffee or tea, and includes a reusable stainless steel filter. Order in either black or white. 

Meeting Owl Pro Video Conference Camera, £999

During lockdown, creating digital solutions to meetings that would have taken place in person has saved the bacon of companies all over the world. Now, more and more people are realising that a digital meeting experience is a more productive solution, and this new way of working has caught on. The Meeting Owl Pro Video Conference Camera allows any space to be transformed into a conference room, so distributed teams can connect in a seamless manner, and meetings between those working remotely can become even easier. This camera is OWL Labs’ most premium creation yet, connecting teams from anywhere in the world with a smart mic with an 18-foot radius audio pickup, a 2X sharper 360 degrees smart camera in 1080p, and a 360-degree tri-speaker with 2X louder sound. The Meeting Owl visibly highlights whoever is speaking, compatible with several platforms such as Zoom, Slack, BlueJeans, and GoToMeeting, this gadget is ridiculously easy to use and an absolute must for your team at work.

Ember Travel Mug 2, £179.96 

When you’re back to your commute, we can guarantee that a new travel mug will be your favourite new companion. But Ember Travel Mug 2 is a high-tech gadget, and its capabilities go way beyond keeping your drink warm. This 12 fl. oz mug allows you to choose the exact drinking temperature you would like and keeps the liquid at that temperature for three hours. So you won’t have to bother to reheat your drink once you arrive at work in the mornings after a lengthy commute. It also comes with a redesigned charger coaster. Easy to charge, easy to clean, safe to hand-wash, submersible for up to one metre in water, and built with a leak-proof, dishwasher safe lid, this cool little gadget will fit perfectly into your daily routine in no time. Ultra-sophisticated in design and appearance, you’ll soon be the envy of your work colleagues and friends once investing in an Ember Travel Mug 2.

Skandas Facial and Eye Massager, £120

In need of a little TLC? The Skandas Facial and Eye Massager uses air pressure, heat and vibrations to help you relax, easing any tension, calming the mind and stimulating the blood circulation. It also has inbuilt speakers so you can upload your favourite soothing music and block the world out for a little bit. And since it’s portable and wireless, we would completely understand if you keep this on your desk when you return back to the office…

Mooni Modern speaker lamp, £124.00

With it’s sleek Swedish design the Mooni Modern speaker lamp, lets you stream your music and set the mood to match the moment with a choice of ten soft hues such as purple, blue, green, and orange. Whether you’re having a calming evening or in the mood for a party, it also comes with four light settings such as strobe, flash, pulse, and fade! This Mooni product comes with a built-in battery, creates a surround sound experience, is splash-proof, and able to charge wirelessly. Oh, and what’s more, its conveniently portable, utterly stylish, and certainly won’t have any issues with fitting in with any room in the house. 

Lakeland Cordless Automatic Pot Stirrer, £39.99

Time is luxury and this genius device will save you all the time when it comes to recipes that require you to stir…constantly. You want to make a risotto, béchamel or custard, but you don’t fancy standing over a hot stove endless stirring your spoon? No, nor do we. Luckily this nifty automatic pot stirrer from Lakeland does it for you, at a consistent speed for up to two hours. Which means you can get on with prepping or hosting, safe in the knowledge that nothing is sticking to your pan.

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