In the last few weeks, we have all come to the realisation that we are not as we once thought; completely untouchable or invincible. Everyone on planet earth is going through near enough the same experience right now. No one is safe, and that’s a terrifying thought for most people. We are all re-analysing our daily behaviour. Thinking about how we take care of our personal hygiene, avoiding close contact with other people and hand washing like there is no tomorrow (literally). 

And since we are to be spending most of our time indoors for the foreseeable future, it really is imperative that we keep our humble abodes as clean and tidy as can be. Not just for our sanity, but for our health, too. However, when I say clean, I don’t just mean spraying the kitchen counter with some anti-bacterial spray and squirting a generous helping of bleach down the toilet. Oh no, I’m talking about a whole different type of clean; a HACCP Hygiene Clean. Getting clued up on this type of clean will change everything you thought you knew about the proper ways to keep you, your family and your home protected. It truly is a game changer. So much so, that I highly doubt you’ll be requesting the help of your lovely local cleaners ever again after reading this article, as they most definitely would not offer the same level of service in any way, shape or form.

Aside from the qualifications of the experts carrying out the service, why exactly is this such a special type of clean? For many reasons. This is one of the most thorough processes for cleaning available, but it also caters for each and every home in a highly specific, bespoke way, ensuring that when the process is finished the home is completely safe and hygienic to live in. The HACCP Hygiene Cleaning team use hospital-grade disinfectant and products unavailable on the market to do their job. They carry out a step-by-step process and a critical control points analysis to assess exactly what needs the most attention within the house. They then carry out their processes in a highly controlled manner that is safe for both humans and animals. 

Right now, your home is most probably filled with bacteria and viruses. Every nook and cranny will be thriving with all sorts of things that don’t even bear thinking about. Things that could be making you ill or giving you allergic reactions. Fungal spores, pet hair, dead skin, bacteria mites and body droplets, the list goes on and on. Did you know that whenever you flush the toilet with the seat up, the bacteria from the toilet water is sprayed all over you, all over the ceiling, and over your surroundings? Did you know that your mattress topper probably still has dead skin on it from a friend that slept round months ago? And did you also know that when you wiped down your kitchen counter this morning, you were probably allowing cross-contamination to happen by using the same cloth you use in other areas of the house. I’m not telling you this to scare you, but to let you know that these are the types of issues that need special attention, the types of issues that the HACCP Hygiene team are specifically trained to deal with.

Their process ensures that any viruses within your home are eliminated, that surfaces and air are decontaminated, cross-contamination between clean and unclean zones are avoided, and pathogens and odour are abolished. Oh, and don’t worry about them bringing their own germs into your house when they’re carrying out the clean, they are fully kitted out with masks, gloves and thin hazmat suits. 

During this scary time, we are constantly being reminded that there is nothing more paramount than our health. Which is why the HACCP Hygiene Clean is one of the best things you can buy, as by purchasing this service, you are investing in your health and your life. It will transform your home, protect the health of you and your family, and even get rid of that irritating allergy reaction you’ve been getting for years! Yes, everyone is trying their best to avoid COVID-19, but this service won’t just protect you against that. It will ensure that the multitudes of other intruders wanting to take refuge within your home are shown the door.

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