Dan is the founder of DJM Tech and has 15 years of experience working in the AVIT sector. Ever since his company’s inception two years ago, he has been working to create simple, easy to use technical solutions for his Ultra High Net Worth clients in a range of settings including residential, aviation and marine. In Dan’s opinion, there is never an excuse not to find a solution to a technical problem. Whether the solution for his client is complicated, simple, or somewhere in between, Dan makes it his number one priority to provide technology that predominantly works well for the individual client, isn’t unnecessarily expensive, and that’s genuinely reliable.

Elizabeth Greatrex: Can you tell me a bit about DJM Tech and how it started?

Dan Marshall: I initially worked for an AVIT company in London looking after high-end residential projects. Home cinemas, integrated lighting, things like that. I then worked as an ETO/AVIT officer on superyachts for seven years before making the jump back on land nearly two years ago. The whole idea is to grow DJM to look after a small handful of similar clients who have a lot of properties, jets, motorhomes, etc. DJM’s target market is quite a niche client; usually an UHNW family with lots of assets and the requirement to have everything working seamlessly between them all. Obviously, if it’s something I can fix within a couple of hours or days, I will do it myself, but for the larger projects I will act as the clients representative and help them get the most out of their system; working with, rather than against, their existing integrator.

EG: What makes DJM unique? 

DM: My USP is being able to offer the same service I’d offer on a superyacht but to the clients’ whole operation. As an ETO (Electro-Technical Officer) I worked with a large number of different systems but have never been tied to a specific brand or system. You simply find the best system for the solution rather than trying to force the best solution out of a system. There are a number of AVIT companies who say they’re unbiased, but it’s close to impossible when they have monthly/annual targets to meet with specific brands.

EG: Why is your tag line ‘technology made simple’?

DM: I try to find the best technical solutions for situations even if it means buying the hardware from high street shops/online retailers. With a lot of AVIT companies, their main goal is to sell the most expensive and convoluted systems you could possibly imagine, when half the time the clients don’t need, want (or understand) how to use them. I’m happy to work with any technology, even if others in the same line of work are likely to raise their eyebrows, they will usually tell me it’s too simple but if the client actually knows how to use it and it does everything they needed/wanted it to, I’ve done my job.

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