In the ever competitive market of skincare, there are often so many products to choose from it seems impossible. Skincare problems aren’t going away anytime soon, and sometimes it can feel that we are forever on the hunt for a good quality product or brand that will work for us on an individual level. In recent times, two names have stood out in the market for their new products, simplicity in marketing, and positive feedback from consumers: BEAST and ECOOKING.


BEAST is a trendy male grooming shop in Covent Garden that is quickly growing in popularity. The store is effortlessly cool and sophisticated in appearance, design and lighting, and BEAST is taking over the men’s skincare market through the 80 brands that they sell within the store. BEAST showcase these products in a wonderfully simple way, signposting them by concern – for example, by a particular skin condition or treatment. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find the product you want when shopping to find the answer to a particular skincare problem. Many brands market their products by labelling them with names or titles that although clever, can often be misleading. BEAST solves this problem with simplicity. The products are displayed by category. If you want a fragrance or a moisturiser, there is a clear signpost pointing you in the right direction. Problem solved.

BEAST’S best-selling products categories:


Body wash

Eye care

Face masks

Beard Oils


Brands from all over the world are sold in the store, for example, D.R. Harris, Eccentric, Jack Black, Verso and Vitamin, NIOD, Marvis, Murdock, Dr Jacksons, Penhalingons, Perricone and Ren. These brands are high-quality and wide-ranging in that they have been obtained from different locations around the world such as Vitaman in Australia and Verso in Sweden.


But there is one brand that BEAST sell which has gotten people talking recently: THE GREY. This skincare range echoes the store it is sold in with its simple, clean-cut design. Its contents: natural, refreshing ingredients and antioxidants to nourish the skin. This range could be the solution to skin issues that multitudes of men have been searching for.


THE GREY’S four main products are as follows:

Exfoliating Toning Pads – ‘detoxifying hydrating and nourishing infused toning pads’. These lotion-infused toning pads exfoliate, re-texture and sooth the skin while removing sweat and dirt. Its active ingredients also restore a healthy PH balance.

Recovery Face Serum – ‘a nourishing vitamin boost for the skin’. This serum is rich in active ingredients that moisturise and even out the skin tones. To be used in the morning and/or evening, to be applied to face, under the eyes, and neck. Follow by applying the 3 in 1 face cream.

3 In 1 Face Cream – ‘a highly active replenishing face moisturiser for daily use’. This cream moisturises and nourishes, and can be used whenever one feels the need. Also helps to keep the skin from premature aging.

Exfoliating Face Scrub – ‘a gentle face scrub to smooth away dead skin cells’. This face scrub is full of vitamin E. It cleans out the pores, removes blackheads and ingrown hairs, inhibits blemishes. A youthful appearance can be kept using this scrub, as it gives the skin a sprightly and vibrant appearance.

Each product from THE GREY works to cover all the skin’s needs around the clock. The five-piece collection is best bought together, as each product complements one another with their varying functions.

Like BEAST, ECOOKING products have found their success in attracting customers through marketing simplistic, natural products with minimalist packaging. Danish Founder TinaSøgaard started this brand at home, its name inspired by its ingredients, (so pure they could be used for cooking). This collection of products boast fragrance-free, organic and natural contents, which aim to target the skin issue at the source.

Four of their most popular products:

Multibalm – ‘Intense moisture. Helps repair damaged skin’. Perfect for damaged, dry skin, this moisturising balm is enriched with ingredients that aim to regenerate thirsty skin. Filled with vitamin E, thistle oil and shea butter. Is a wonderful aid to insect bites, eczema, burns, cracked lips and dry skin in general.


E-Vitamin Serum – ‘Delivers instant lift & visibly reduces fine lines’. This super serum has a healing effect on the skin. Enriched with Vitamin E, it can be used to treat wounds, scars, tattoos, dry skin, cold sores or sun damage. This skin treatment is 100% vegan.


Natcreme – ‘Helps visibly reduce fine lines & wrinkle depth’. This night cream contains collagen-boosters and peptides to keep the complexion supple and radiant. One of its key ingredients is Argireline, which relaxes the muscles naturally. This skin treatment is 100% vegan.


Acne Serum – ‘The ideal antidote to oily, acne-prone skin’. This acne serum contains salicylic acid, and stops bacteria from spreading on the surface of the skin. It rids the skin of blemishes and breakouts. This skin treatment is 100% vegan.


These products were created on the basis that each one targets a specific problem. This is what Søgaard prides her brand on, as she describes developing this skincare range at home to help her family members find specific solutions to skin problems. She sees it as a kind of therapy. Just like THE GREY, ECOOKING doesn’t deceive the consumer in any way, directing them to exactly what is in the product they are buying. These are unadorned, honest, wholesome products.


THE GREY and ECOOKING are two brands to definitely watch this season, as we venture into winter once again, and our skin demands some extra TLC.

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