We’re big fans of getting our Christmas shopping done early, especially when it comes to children. And if you’re anything like us, then you’ll already be mulling over what to get your little ones this festive season. Besides, if there’s one benefit to lockdown 2.0 it’s being able to do your Christmas shopping online from the comfort of your own home while avoiding the sea of queues outside Hamleys and Selfridges. This year we’ve chosen traditional toys that will stand the test of time, gifts that children can cherish and that can hopefully be passed on for many years to come.

Classic Wooden Rocking Horse

Is there any gift as magical or traditional than that of the classic wooden rocking horse? A popular playtime object since the 17th century, this nostalgic toy just never loses its appeal, making a beautiful addition to any family home while keeping generation after generation thoroughly entertained. If you’ve got a rocking horse in mind for your child, then we wouldn’t recommend you make your selection from anyone other than the Stevenson Brother’s workshop. Selling limited edition, antique, new and personalised rocking horses, there is plenty to choose from. We’ve got our eye on The Bright Bay, a simply exquisite new oak rocking horse that features a London Tan leather saddle and a raised and stitched brow and noseband. Shown here fitted with a removable real numnah and saddle and mounted on a Coach Spring, this beautifully made rocking horse is sure to be passed down your family for decades to come. 

£3870, from The Bright Bay

FAO Christmas Swarovski-embellished Wooden Nutcracker Prince

Nutcracker dolls resembling toy soldiers originated from late-17th century Germany and have long been associated with being a symbol of good luck. If you want to go all out on your nutcracker purchase, then this enchanting nutcracker from F.A.O Schwartz is most certainly the one for you, whether it brings more luck than the usual wooden ones we don’t know… Built with a Swarovski crystal hat, set on a plinth, branded sign and hand-painted to perfection, F.A.O Schwartz has recreated a stylish, charming Nutcracker prince that will immerse your children in a wonderful Christmas fantasy. 

£5000 from Selfridges

RICCO Classic BMW 507 Ride-on Car

Your children may dream about the day when they’re able to drive, but until then, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a toy for that. The RICOO Classic BMW 507 ride-on car from Selfridges is a miniature battery-powered version of the BMW Classic 507 once loved by Elvis Presley, that will give your children that sense of freedom they have been longing for, all from the safety of your garden or kitchen! Made to look unbelievably real, this ultra-cool car is fitted with a safety belt, start button, a dashboard, lights, a rear suspension, two openable doors and even a steering wheel that plays music! If you think they would prefer a different model, RICCO also makes Range Rovers Evoque 12V electric toy cars, and Audi TT RS Licenced Battery Powered electric toy cars, among other choices. 

£320 from Selfridges

Le Toy Van Dollhouse

There is no doubt that hours of fun starts with a dollhouse. From the attic down to the basement, this well-loved toy will allow your child to let their imagination run wild and playhouse to their heart’s delight. And when it comes to dollhouses, Harrods is where we will be shopping, for their absolutely stunning Le Toy Van Palace Doll House. A four-storey house, this elite creation comes from a brand that has always had a dedication to creating the finest wooden toys – it’s craftsmanship is truly impressive. Taking inspiration from real-life Parisian properties, this rather grand dollhouse is multicoloured with a mansion-like appearance and would make the perfect home for teddies and dolls alike. 

£499 from Harrods

Audrey Pram

An ongoing favourite when it comes to toys, a dolls pram has undoubtedly retained a permanent residence in most children’s playrooms for centuries, and will do for centuries to come. The beauty of prams is that they go hand-in-hand with other toys like dolls and soft toys, which enhances a child’s experience of playtime. Liberty’s has stocked a particularly charming pram from eco-friendly company, My Darling Valentine. The Audrey Pram, which has a rather vintage feel, is lovingly handcrafted with rattan and wood and built with a soft mattress inside. You can feel comforted that your child is having a welcome break from staring at their IPad or tablet all day, because in our opinion, there is nothing better than nurturing your child’s imagination than by actually playing.

£184 from Liberty

Nicholas Christmas 2020 Bear (143cm)

Simple, yet classic, no child forgets the soft toys that filled their early years with warmth, comfort and love. In fact, they are such an important part of many people’s childhood years that a lot of people still hold their stuffed, furry friends in high regard way into their adulthood, and keep them treasured in their homes for years to come. Which is why we thought that this Christmas, Harrods Nicholas Christmas 2020 Bear would make a wonderful addition to your child’s collection. This adorable bear is dressed in a fur-trimmed coat in Harrods’ signature green hue and features a commemorative embroidered paw. Its creation follows a long-standing tradition of marking the season every year and is not just a soft toy but a collector’s item too.

£1200 from Harrods

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