Although we may be in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, providing luxury travel experiences is still big business and competition remains fierce. But what is it that makes one successful company stand out from another? To those who can have it all, booking a luxury vacation becomes about so much more than landing the biggest yacht, laying your head at the prettiest villa, or sipping coffee above the best view. Yes, those things are all important, but providing a customer with their dream vacation? Well, that takes a refined mix of passion, professionalism, flair, and understanding that not all in this industry will possess. Taking a moment to chat to travel concierge company The Sun Secret Collection’s CEO Alfredo and project manager Yana, I quickly understood that this company have discovered the enviable secret to providing the ultimate travel experience for their clients which no amount of money can buy – being creative, stimulating a genuine emotion, and therefore implanting incredible memories that will last forever.

EG: How are you adapting to the current global situation?

AM: As expected, Covid-19 has impacted us. With the border restrictions and the issues our customers will face when travelling, especially travelling for leisure, it is a problem and a complicated decision for anyone wanting to take a trip. However, we are taking advantage of the situation to digitalise the company. We decided to do this because it is our strongest belief that even though we are involved in an industry that is related to services, to be further along in the digitalisation of the business could be a great asset to us.

EG: What precautions are taking to keep your clients safe?

AM: Before we deliver the guests to their villas and chalets, we will sanitise the house. Of course, if the guest is travelling by private jet the private jet company manages their own sanitation procedures. During the transportation of guests, we ensure that all of our drivers wear masks, and they have to take a Covid-19 test before working.

EG: Talk to me about The Sun Secret Collection’s Red Circle Membership? 

YK: Red Circle is a private membership club. We launched it recently, it’s already partly presented on our new website. This is a service for our existing and new clients and offers a range of high-end and high-value services, loyalty rewards unique to every member and travel benefits. Red Circle is a great way to provide our clients with a single point of contact to be able to access the best products and services within the entire luxury sector. 

EG: You cite the ‘Dolce Vita’ experience as being a key asset to your brand. How would you describe it?

AM: The soul of our company is a mix of Italian and Russian. Somehow they are very close in culture and personality. You never see Italian or Russians being boring, ever. The point is, we achieve that essence within our company. We are not a mass-market company, we are a boutique and this makes a connection to our clients. Whoever the client may be, we try to provide them not just with accommodation, but with an emotion. To do this you need passion and expertise. For example, one element that we take care of a lot when the client stays in a property is food delivery. Because to deliver great food, is an emotion. To deliver very good wine is an emotion. And if you can take care of these details you can place the client and his or her family within an impenetrable, cocoon-like atmosphere. The Dolce Vita experience is something that the client keeps in their memory. It is not something you can sell. It is something you have to create. 

You can find out more about The Sun Secret Collection and their services here.

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