‘One day, I want to get out of London
I shall wear white trousers, and walk upon the beach, you know which one I mean,
The one where my parents met, the one near Haywards Heath.’
I know you will, I reply earnestly, I believe you, I do.
It’s about keeping things in the positive, even when I don’t have the energy too.
There are the simple things, just the little things, I wish we could have back sometimes.
Driving in the car together, listening to Led Zeppelin,
Laughing at his stories he made up for me at my bedtimes.
Maybe we can go to Angmering? They have a beach there?
‘It’s too full of ghosts’, he says, ‘and they’re just there to scare.’
Times seem different now, but I guess everything changes,
I’ve just got to grow up and realise that those times growing up were just phases,
Phases of my life I won’t get back but I can remember,
Remember with a smile on my face and a good eye to the future.
I count myself lucky for everything I’ve had, I’ve been loved all my life and had a damn amazing dad.
I hope when I’m a parent I can make more than beans in a bowl or marmite on toast,
I didn’t care at the time though, I’ll probably be making that for my kids the most.
When I finally get my own car, we will drive down to the beach,
Listen to the sound of the sea and people watch, talk about the potential we can reach.
Family is there to help each other right? That’s what I’ve always known.
‘You know you can call me whenever, I’m just five minutes away by phone.’
‘You are a talented girl, my darling, and you can do anything you want in this life’,
I have him to thank for my confidence, as well as the colour of my eyes.

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