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In a world where our health is currently more compromised than it has ever been before, taking care of not just our physical, but our mental well-being is utterly essential to maintaining a good quality of life. But with an abundance of health clubs offering the finest facilities, most luxurious treatments and the promise of providing customers with a new lease of life, how does one choose? What values are at the very heart of a luxury health club that stands out from all the others and actually makes a difference to the lives of its members?


BeAlive Health Club can answer these questions with ease. Based in Helsinki, Finland, this Nordic health club understands exactly what their members want and how to take care of them, because of one simple fact – they genuinely care. Customer experience is at the centre of BeAlive’s vision, and it is this ethos that has enabled the founders and employees to create an welcoming, inclusive and supportive atmosphere that helps their clients achieve their goals and feel completely at home.


BeAlive have expressed their understanding that joining a gym and getting fit has long-since been thought of as a huge trend. In today’s society, working out often feels like a race to the finish. But what’s interesting about this club is that they haven’t centred the success of their health club around the basis of creating complicated workout programmes or setting unattainable or unrealistic dieting plans for their customers. They go back to the core of what’s truly important about working out, eating well and taking care of your overall health: maximising your quality of life, enjoying every day and being happy. They choose to keep things simple, providing their services in a pragmatic manner and focusing on getting to know their customers one-on-one; thereby helping them to both take advantage of and relish in their free time in a way that is advantageous for them and their personal growth.


The health club provides a wide variety of indoor and outdoor services including personal training, diet coaching, massages, cosmetology and physiotherapy. But during the coronavirus pandemic, health clubs around the world were not able to operate in the same way. However, BeAlive found a new, innovative way to continue to connect with their customers and give them access to their services, by broadcasting high-quality, online training classes led by personal trainers. A great benefit for many of their customers stuck at home looking for a physical and mental outlet during the stressful experience of enduring a lockdown.


Ultimately, BeAlive has created the ultimate atmosphere for a health club. They have found the perfect balance between relaxation and persistence, and have built their club and loyal customer base by encompassing and valuing both. Their health club is a place where people can feel comfortable enough to work to achieve their goals, while feeling safe in the knowledge that their health is in the hands of those who want to see them thrive in every way possible.

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