You never thought you’d be saying this, but as the long and very drawn out lockdown period comes to a close, you’re jumping for joy that it’s FINALLY time to go back to the office! Hello, early mornings, crisp suits, and hot coffee. There’s no doubt about it, getting back into a proper routine is giving most of us our mojo back. And what better way to celebrate your long-awaited return to normality by sprucing up your desk with a fresh set of stationery? Here are some of our absolute favourites…

Barnard and Westwood’s Business Cards

Synonymous with complete elegance and class, Barnard and Westwood are renowned printers and bookbinders whose reputation needs little introduction. Having been responsible for printing the wedding invitations of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in 2018, we can’t think of a brand better equipped to create your personalised business cards. Everyone knows that nothing makes a better impression at a meeting than handing over a beautifully made, professionally printed business card. Offering different printing methods such as thermography, foil blocking, die-stamping, and letterpress, Barnard and Westwood pride themselves on creating striking business cards that will make you stand out from the crowd. For extra effect, you can choose to have your cards ink edged, duplexed, triplexed, or gilded.

Smythson of Bond Street’s Desk Diaries

Smythson of Bond Street has a truly royal status within the stationary world. Selling ‘stationery and fancy articles of high-class character’ since 1887, this British luxury leather brand was a favourite of Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn, and even Queen Victoria. Although we’re already halfway through the year and technology has mostly taken over the way most schedule their time, is there really anything more satisfying than writing out your week with one of Smythson’s timeless desk diaries? Filled with pages of smooth, Featherweight paper and encased in a range of glossy leather-bound shells, one of these stylish diaries definitely deserves a permanent place on your desk. Jot down every deadline, meeting, and lunch, and enjoy the simple pleasure of having things to do and places to be again!

Smythson of Bond Street’s Pens

You couldn’t possibly purchase a Smythson desk diary without choosing from one of their signature fountain, rollerball, or ballpoint pens! These deluxe viceroy pens come in solid silver, write in blue ink, and can be engraved for a truly personal touch. Glide your pen along the pages of your desk diary for a truly gratifying writing experience to which typing on a computer just cannot compare.

Mount Street Printers’ Customised Leather Notebook

In the heart of Mayfair, you’ll find Mount Street Printers, an esteemed luxury printers and stationers that has been carrying out their traditional craftsmanship and high standards of service since 1981. Out of all of Mount Street’s products we particularly favour their customised leather notebooks. Aside from a desk diary to keep your schedule in order, there is no item more essential to a stationery collection than a well-made notebook to write down all your thoughts and muses. Hand-finished by traditional craftsmen, these notebooks come in seven different colours, are made using a genuine leather Rutland grained finish cover, filled with lightweight ivory paper, and finished with gilt-edges and a blue ribbon bookmark. Place it next to your desk diary relish in being well and truly organised for your return to the office. 

The Wren Press’ Correspondence Cards

Regarded as England’s leading luxury stationers, The Wren Press holds Royal Warrants from Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, and have been combining the finest traditional skills and techniques with modern technology since 1985. Within their corporate stationery collection, we would always recommend investing in Wren Press’s correspondence cards. In our opinion, a well-made correspondence card never goes out of style. A correspondence card can send a message in a way that an email or text simply cannot. Choose from handmade borders in colours such as gold, gold rose, gold corgi, burgundy, green, and navy, hand-lined with tissue paper of the same colour. This bespoke product from the Wren Press gives an exceptionally personal touch, and will appeal to those that can appreciate the finer things in life.

Quill London’s Large Minimalist Folio by US brand Poketo

Launched in 2012, Quill London is a stylish stationery brand that we can’t get enough of at the moment. When leaving the office to go to a lunch or meeting, there is nothing that will keep you more organised than Quill London’s large minimalist folio. This sleek, sophisticated organiser is made with soft yet sturdy vegan synthetic leather, can hold an A4 notebook and a 13-inch laptop, has a pocket for your phone, a cardholder, pen pocket, and a magnetic closure function. Available in pink and navy, keep in your desk draw for an easy, efficient solution to popping out of the office for a day.

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