There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere on Christmas morning. You can just see it now, can’t you? You wake up, to the kids running in and jumping excitedly on the bed, tearing into their stockings and chocolate oranges. You can sit back and allow them to do so, because it is Christmas, after all. After the commotion dies down a little from the kids unwrapping activities, and they head downstairs to play with their new toys, you leisurely sip on your Nespresso, and wait expectantly for your wife to open her stocking.


There’s nothing quite like spoiling the special lady in your life at Christmas.


With baited breath you watch her pull out the chocolate coins, standard. Then the guide to ‘How To Be A Good Wife’. An awkward laugh follows. Oh god, could you have messed up, once again? She then yanks out the pair of socks with your face printed all over them, and finally, the G-string made out of candy. 


Greeted by a forced smile and a confused laugh, you realise you really should have just stuck to the list. 


If this has ever been you, tip number one: don’t follow your friends advice. And tip number two: this guide to what to stuff your wife’s stocking with this festive season will be your saving grace. 


1. Christian Louboutin Beauty Velvet Matte Lip Colour 


A matte lipstick is most definitely the way to a woman’s heart. But a Christian Louboutin Beauty Matte lipstick? This is a gift that will leave any sophisticated lady reeling with happiness until next Christmas. Available in 18 vibrant shades, this lipstick gives lips a suede-like appearance, stays on for four hours, won’t give an undesirable drying effect like many matte lipsticks, and is enriched with seed butters and natural oils.


2. Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser  


Who doesn’t love receiving a new body and bath product. Especially when it’s from Aesop. This fabulous, gentle gel cleanser will leave her feeling invigorated and smelling beautiful with it’s refreshing citrus aroma and natural ingredients.


3. Harrods of London Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves 


During the cold weather, these stylish cashmere lined leather gloves will be much appreciated. They will her hands luxuriously warm, cosy and protected, and look fabulous with basically every outfit at the same time. This timeless gift will be dug out of her wardrobe season after season. 


4. Diptyque Bailes scented candle 


Candles are often thought of as an obvious and/or slightly boring present idea. But this couldn’t be further from the truth with Diptyque’s Baies scented candle. A refined blend of floral rose and fruity blackcurrent leaves, this gorgeous candle is sure to be a welcome addition to the bedside table of any classy lady.


5. Gucci Leather Marmot Card Holder 


This Gucci Marmont card holder will be one of the best little surprises. Pure leather with 5 card slots, a note sleeve and a zipped coin compartment, it’s cute and compact. There are no need for bulky, unnecessary wallets that won’t fit in her bag with this gorgeous gift. 


6. Burberry Cashmere Checked Scarf 


What could be a more iconic gift than the Burberry Cashmere Checked Scarf? Woven in pure cashmere, this super soft, super stylish accessory will keep her feeling warm and feeling stylish with outfit after outfit. 


7. Sisley Paris Nutritive Lip Balm


Every lady needs a moisturising lip balm she can rely on during the colder months. Look no further than Sisley Paris Nutritive Lip Balm. Packed with natural oils and shea butter, this product will leave her lips feeling sumptuously soft and plump. 


8. Chloe Hoop earrings with stone inlay 


This gift is sure to put you in her good books all year round. Made from gold-toned brass, fitted with a stone inlay and visibly engraved with the brand’s name, these stunning earrings are a throwback to the 70’s, yet they will still look ridiculously chic in 2020. 


9. Miss Dior Hair Mist 


Every woman knows that having great smelling hair is essential to her femininity. Which is why this luscious hair mist will become an essential addition to her handbag. This refreshing scent smells magnificent and has protective benefits with its active ingredients. 


10. Tiffany & Co Bracelet 


Based on the 1969 Tiffany & Co key ring, there is no lady that won’t be overjoyed with receiving this incredible sterling silver bracelet. Strung with beautiful blue beads and adorned with the iconic branded heart tag in a rose gold hue, this present is likely to be the highlight of Christmas morning.

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